The 80/20 Problem.

At the Get Radical Conference, Ali Brown (of Secret Millionaire fame, though she’s so much more) spoke about Vilfredo Pareto’s Principle: 80% of our results come from 20% of our activity.” Conversely, that also means that 80% of your efforts are resulting in only about 20% of your results. Now, I don’t want to short-change that 20%—it’s important—but my goal is help you focus on the work that helps you to accomplish the best and most results, by lightening the load of your efforts that aren’t as good a use of your time.


I am a Problem-Solver.

You might not think that remedying your media is what will get you focusing in on that goldmine of time best spent, but media comes in all forms, most especially in text, visuals, and data. I not only remedy the documents you already have (in print, on the web, in social media, idling in PowerPoint, stacked up in Excel, lounging about in Word), but I also produce this sort of media, too. And I not only produce media, I filter it. What if you weren’t reading and responding to all of your e-mail? Suppose you’re planning to write your own article or blog post—what if the research you needed was already gathered? Have you already written something, but you need to pretty it up both in proofreading and formatting? Social media bogging you down? There’s a lot to it, and I can help streamline your time.


Want to see my CV? Or my Resume? (They’re a bit different.)

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